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CT Scan cost in Mysore

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Scan Name Price
CCS - CT Coronary Calcium ScanRs.3200
CCS - CT Coronary Calcium Scan with contrastRs.4700
CT - Calcium ScoringRs.2400
CT - Calcium Scoring with contrastRs.3900
CT 2-spineRs.2400
CT 2-spine with contrastRs.3900
CT 3D ReconstructionsRs.2900
CT 3D Reconstructions with contrastRs.4400
CT Abdomen And PelvisRs.3400
CT Abdomen And Pelvis with contrastRs.4900
CT Abdomen LowerRs.2000
CT Abdomen Lower with contrastRs.2000
CT Abdomen UpperRs.2000
CT Abdomen Upper with contrastRs.2000
CT Abdomen WholeRs.2000
CT Abdomen Whole with contrastRs.3500
CT Abdominal AngioRs.4400
CT Abdominal Angio with contrastRs.5900
CT Angio Lower LimbRs.4400
CT Angio Lower Limb with contrastRs.5900
CT AortogramRs.5800
CT Aortogram with contrastRs.7300
CT Aortography / Aortic AngioRs.4400
CT Aortography / Aortic Angio with contrastRs.5900
CT Brain / Cerebral AngioRs.2200
CT Brain / HeadRs.1100
CT Brain / Head with contrastRs.2600
CT Carotid AngioRs.4100
CT Carotid Angio with contrastRs.5600
CT Cerebral Angio with contrastRs.3700
CT Cervical SpineRs.1500
CT Cervical Spine with contrastRs.3000
CT CheeksRs.1700
CT Cheeks with contrastRs.3200
CT ChestRs.2000
CT Chest with contrastRs.3500
CT CisternographyRs.3400
CT Cisternography with contrastRs.4900
CT Contrast (Add on)Rs.1500
CT Coronary AngioRs.5800
CT Coronary Angio with contrastRs.7300
CT Enterography with contrastRs.6300
CT Facial Bones (CT Face)Rs.1700
CT Facial Bones (CT Face) with contrastRs.3200
CT FilmsRs.500
CT FingerRs.1700
CT Finger with contrastRs.3200
CT Guided ProceduresRs.2400
CT Guided Procedures - True Cut NeedlesRs.2900
CT Guided Procedures - True Cut Needles with contrastRs.4400
CT Guided Procedures with contrastRs.3900
CT Head And NeckRs.2700
CT Head And Neck with contrastRs.4200
CT HrCT /ChestRs.2000
CT HrCT /Chest with contrastRs.3500
CT HrCT Temporal Bone Plain (CT Ear)Rs.1700
CT HrCT Temporal Bone Plain (CT Ear) with contrastRs.3200
CT KUB (Kidney Ureter Bladder)Rs.2000
CT KUB (Kidney Ureter Bladder) with contrastRs.3500
CT Left AnkleRs.1700
CT Left Ankle with contrastRs.3200
CT Left ArmRs.1700
CT Left Arm with contrastRs.3200
CT Left ElbowRs.1700
CT Left Elbow with contrastRs.3200
CT Left KneeRs.1700
CT Left Knee with contrastRs.3200
CT Left LegRs.1700
CT Left Leg with contrastRs.3200
CT Left ShoulderRs.1700
CT Left Shoulder with contrastRs.3200
CT Left WristRs.1700
CT Left Wrist with contrastRs.3200
CT Lumbar SpineRs.1500
CT Lumbar Spine with contrastRs.3000
CT NeckRs.1700
CT Neck AngioRs.2400
CT Neck Angio with contrastRs.3900
CT Neck with contrastRs.3200
CT Orbits (Eyes)Rs.1700
CT Orbits (Eyes) with contrastRs.3200
CT PelvisRs.2000
CT Pelvis with contrastRs.3500
CT Peripheral Single Limb Angio or Venography with contrastRs.5100
CT Peripheral Two Limbs Angio or Venography with contrastRs.5900
CT PNS (Axial and Coronal) (Para Nasal Sinus)Rs.1500
CT PNS (Axial) (Para Nasal Sinus)Rs.1500
CT PNS (Axial, Coronal and Sagittal) (Para Nasal Sinus)Rs.1500
CT PNS (Coronal) (Para Nasal Sinus)Rs.1500
CT Pulmonary AngioRs.4100
CT Pulmonary Angio with contrastRs.5600
CT Renal (Kidney) AngioRs.4100
CT Renal (Kidney) Angio with contrastRs.5600
CT Renal AngioRs.4100
CT Renal Angio with contrastRs.5600
CT Right AnkleRs.1700
CT Right Ankle with contrastRs.3200
CT Right ArmRs.1700
CT Right Arm with contrastRs.3200
CT Right ElbowRs.1700
CT Right Elbow with contrastRs.3200
CT Right KneeRs.1700
CT Right Knee with contrastRs.3200
CT Right LegRs.1700
CT Right Leg with contrastRs.3200
CT Right ShoulderRs.1700
CT Right Shoulder with contrastRs.3200
CT Right WristRs.1700
CT Right Wrist with contrastRs.3200
CT scan CD softcopy DICOM fileRs.200
CT Temporomandibular Joint (TM Joint)Rs.1700
CT Temporomandibular Joint (TM Joint) with contrastRs.3200
CT Thoracic Spine/Dorsal SpineRs.1500
CT Thoracic Spine/Dorsal Spine with contrastRs.3000
CT ThoraxRs.2000
CT Thorax HRCTRs.2000
CT Thorax with contrastRs.3500
CT ToeRs.1700
CT Toe with contrastRs.3200
CT UrogramRs.2700
CT Urogram with contrastRs.4200
CT Venography BrainRs.2200
CT Venography Brain with contrastRs.3700
CT Whole SpineRs.3400
CT Whole Spine with contrastRs.4900
ECG - ElectrocardiogramRs.200
Electroencephalogram - EEGRs.1000
MRI Brain With Cervico Vertebral JunctionRs.4400
MRI Brain With Cervico Vertebral Junction with contrastRs.5300
MRI Brain with CT Temporal BoneRs.2400
MRI Brain with CT Temporal Bone with contrastRs.3300
MRI Brain With Spectroscopy (MRS)Rs.3800
MRI Brain With Spectroscopy (MRS) with contrastRs.4700
MRI Cervicothoracic CT Spine (Cervicodorsal CD)Rs.2900
MRI RectumRs.4400
MRI Rectum with contrastRs.5300
Ultrasound transrectalRs.600
X-ray Abdomen ErectRs.200
X-ray Micturating Cystourethrography (MCU)Rs.1200
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