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MRI Scan cost in Chennai

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Scan Name Price
MRI AbdomenRs.4000
MRI Abdomen With PelvisRs.4000
MRI ArmRs.3500
MRI Back pain / injuryRs.3500
MRI back pain SciaticaRs.3500
MRI Both Hip JointsRs.3500
MRI Brain / HeadRs.3500
MRI Brain ScreeningRs.2000
MRI Brain With Angio (MRA)Rs.4500
MRI Brain With Spectroscopy (MRS)Rs.7500
MRI Brain With Venography (MRV)Rs.4500
MRI Cervical SpineRs.3500
MRI Cervical Spine ScreeningRs.2000
MRI Cervical Spine with whole spine screeningRs.5500
MRI Cervical/Brachial PlexusRs.3500
MRI Cervicothoracic CT Spine (Cervicodorsal CD)Rs.3500
MRI CheeksRs.3500
MRI ChestRs.3500
MRI Contrast (Add on)Rs.2000
MRI Dorsal/Thoracic Spine ScreeningRs.2000
MRI Dorsal/Thoracic Spine with whole spine screeningRs.5500
MRI Dorsolumbar DL Spine (Thoracolumbar TL)Rs.3500
MRI EpilepsyRs.3500
MRI FaceRs.3500
MRI FistulogramRs.4000
MRI Foot / Toes / SoleRs.3500
MRI ForearmRs.3500
MRI Hand / FingersRs.3500
Mri HeadRs.3500
MRI Inner Ears / Temporal Bone / CochleaRs.3500
MRI Left AnkleRs.3500
MRI Left ArmRs.3500
MRI Left ElbowRs.3500
MRI Left FootRs.3500
MRI Left Hip JointRs.3500
MRI Left KneeRs.3500
MRI Left LegRs.3500
MRI Left ShoulderRs.3500
MRI Left ThighRs.3500
MRI Left ThumbRs.3500
MRI Left ToeRs.3500
MRI Left WristRs.3500
MRI LS SpineRs.3500
MRI Lumbar PlexusRs.3500
MRI Lumbar SpineRs.3500
MRI Lumbar Spine ScreeningRs.2000
MRI Lumbar Spine with whole spine screeningRs.5500
MRI Lumbo Sacral (LS) Spine with whole spine screeningRs.5500
MRI Lumbosacral Spine (MRI LS Spine)Rs.3500
MRI MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography)Rs.4000
MRI NeckRs.3500
MRI Neck With AngioRs.5500
MRI Orbits (Eyes)Rs.3500
MRI PelvisRs.3800
MRI Pelvis Sacral PlexusRs.3500
MRI PituitaryRs.3500
MRI RectumRs.3500
MRI RibsRs.3500
MRI Right AnkleRs.3500
MRI Right ArmRs.3500
MRI Right ElbowRs.3500
MRI Right FootRs.3500
MRI Right Hip JointRs.3500
MRI Right KneeRs.3500
MRI Right LegRs.3500
MRI Right ShoulderRs.3500
MRI Right ThighRs.3500
MRI Right ThumbRs.3500
MRI Right ToeRs.3500
MRI Right WristRs.3500
MRI Sacroiliac Joints (SI Joints)Rs.3500
MRI Sacroiliac Joints Screening (SI Joints)Rs.2000
MRI Screening - Single Joint (Add on)Rs.2000
MRI Single JointRs.3500
MRI ThighRs.3500
MRI Thoracic/Dorsal SpineRs.3500
MRI Whole Spine ScreeningRs.2000
MRI Whole Spine Screening for two regions (Add on)Rs.2000
MRI Whole Spine Study (Cervical + Thoracic + Lumbar)Rs.6200
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