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USG Scan cost in Mysore

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Scan Name Price
Ultrasound 3DRs.2000
Ultrasound 4D ScanRs.2100
Ultrasound AbdomenRs.500
Ultrasound abdomen/PelvisRs.500
Ultrasound anomaly Pregnancy ScanRs.900
Ultrasound anomaly Scan (Twins)Rs.1800
Ultrasound antenatal (Late Pregnancy)Rs.500
Ultrasound ANTENATAL (LATE PREGNANCY) WITH BPP (Bio Physical Profile)Rs.700
Ultrasound Antenatal Twin PregnancyRs.800
Ultrasound antenatal(Early Pregnancy)Rs.500
Ultrasound Arterial Doppler - Bilateral LimbsRs.1000
Ultrasound Arterial Doppler - Single LimbRs.500
Ultrasound Bilateral ShouldersRs.1200
Ultrasound BreastRs.500
Ultrasound Carotid Vertebral Color DopplerRs.600
Ultrasound ChestRs.500
Ultrasound Color Doppler Arterial (Both Limbs)Rs.1000
Ultrasound Color Doppler Arterial (Single Limb)Rs.500
Ultrasound Color Doppler Arterial And Venous (Both Limbs)Rs.1900
Ultrasound Color Doppler Arterial And Venous (Single Limb)Rs.1000
Ultrasound Color Doppler Venous (Both Limbs)Rs.1000
Ultrasound Color Doppler Venous (Single Limb)Rs.500
Ultrasound CraniumRs.500
Ultrasound Follicular BasicRs.500
Ultrasound Follicular Follow UpRs.100
Ultrasound Follicular Package (Study + 3 follow ups)Rs.800
Ultrasound Follicular StudyRs.600
Ultrasound FootRs.500
Ultrasound Guided BiopsyRs.1500
Ultrasound Guided FNACRs.600
Ultrasound HipRs.500
Ultrasound Interval GrowthRs.600
Ultrasound JointsRs.600
Ultrasound KUB (Kidney Ureter Bladder)Rs.500
Ultrasound NeckRs.600
Ultrasound Nt ScanRs.600
Ultrasound Nuchal Translucency (NT Scan)Rs.600
Ultrasound Obstetric Color DopplerRs.900
Ultrasound PelvisRs.400
Ultrasound Penile Color DopplerRs.600
Ultrasound Renal (Kidney) Color DopplerRs.1000
Ultrasound Renal(Kidney) Artery/Arterial DopplerRs.2000
Ultrasound Scrotal Color DopplerRs.600
Ultrasound ScrotumRs.500
Ultrasound ShoulderRs.700
Ultrasound SMALL PARTRs.200
Ultrasound soft TissueRs.500
Ultrasound ThyroidRs.500
Ultrasound TranscranialRs.600
Ultrasound transrectalRs.600
Ultrasound Transvaginal (Tvs)Rs.500
Ultrasound Venous Doppler - Bilateral LimbsRs.1000
Ultrasound Venous Doppler - Left Lower LimbRs.500
Ultrasound Venous Doppler - Right Lower LimbRs.500
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